logo2One Lousy Friday Before Easter is a personal story of faith lost in grief and reclaimed in rationality. It gives the layman a guide to Christian Apologetics, and finding God in life, science and personal experience – as well as in the Bible. The book is constructed around the true, personal story of a mature Christian layman’s faith challenge following the tragic death of a loved-one. Could a good God really exist in a world where there is so much apparently mindless death and suffering? The book documents a trained journalist’s successful effort to answer that question.

Marilyn Bonebrake LaPointe Scholarship Fund:
The author will send a signed softcover copy of One Lousy Friday Before Easter to the first 1,000 people donating $30 or more to the Marilyn Bonebrake LaPointe scholarship fund at Oral Roberts University.  Be sure to designate the donation to the Marilyn Bonebrake LaPointe scholarship fund in the notes section at the bottom of the page. The University will notify the author and a signed copy of the book will come to you at no cost, including all shipping and handling costs, directly from the author.